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January 19, 2023

Finding one thing creative, enjoyable and exciting showing your customers you appreciate their particular company? The standard supper or tennis getaway is always a choice but Lehigh Valley Grand Prix could possibly offer an experience they'll be raving about!

Its more important than ever to keep your customers. Make fully sure your next event could make a lasting effect!

Review exactly what others need to state about the great things about Corporate team development at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix:

Everybody at LVGP was accommodating, polite, and professional; start-to-finish. The facilities are top class all the way. The rate & noises regarding the race-track provide a thrilling, high-energy environment that basically promotes team connection & team development activities. Seven days later, our mid-day at LVGP continues to be the ‘buzz’ across the company.

Bob Wagner – Air Products

Our occasion at LVGP ended up being a complete success and proved to be extremely an easy task to arrange and run. The LVGP staff was wonderful to do business with in every phases regarding the occasion. We're currently preparing our fund raising occasion for the following year! Thank-you LVGP!

Jarrett Seng – Tackle ALS Foundation Inc.

Planning our business team development event with Lehigh Valley Grand Prix had been a satisfaction from start to finish! These people were accommodating and professional throughout the entire procedure. We managed to have a great time in a high-energy environment, while focusing on those abilities needed for success when you look at the corporate world. The afternoon ended up being filled up with pleasure and supplied an “adrenaline rush” for everyone involved!

Sara Leier – Aesculap

I would like to thank-you as well as your staff to make our race evening a real fun knowledge. You are going to see a number of us more frequently. We in addition discussed having another meeting evening at where you are a while into the Spring after Ski period!

Mack Ski Club

LVGP became the right venue for the annual advantage occasion. They were incredibly supportive & accommodating, which allowed united states to focus on our cause and our visitors. The smile-filled faces and cash we increased far exceeded our expectations… everybody is looking towards next year currently!! Thanks a lot once again for all you help… see you men soon!”

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