Executive Auto Group CT

July 18, 2023
Executive Auto Group - Auto

Automotive Technicians / Automotive Mechanics, ALine Techs & Lube Techs

- Acura by Executive

Job Details:

Join a leader inside automotive business. Acura by Executive, an associate of Executive car Group, is growing and now we tend to be at this time interviewing for assorted levels of Service professional opportunities. When you have a technical background, tend to be a current technology school graduate or a Master Certified technician, you will be the most recent person in we. Our company is committed to providing a fantastic consumer knowledge and then we know that begins with your most valuable resource - our workers.



Our very compensated provider Technicians have the effect of performing automobile repair and maintenance act as assigned relative to factory and facility requirements in an air conditioned shop. We help and believe in continued factory instruction and certifications. Qualified basic specialists are trained and groomed by our seasoned specialists, seasoned professionals get continued training.

If you're in search of an aggressive price, the essential up-to-date gear within a state of this art dealership, career advancement and an organization that cares about their customers and their staff, Executive could be the just group to participate!

Job Demands:


  • Must have automotive maintenance experience otherwise automotive specialist education.
  • Senior school diploma or equivalent
  • Base salary plus bonus

Experienced Technicians

  • 2-3 years of automotive service and repair knowledge
  • 3-5 many years of factory knowledge a plus
  • ASE official certification an advantage
  • Flat price salary plus sign-on bonus

Our Dedication To You

  • Excellent settlement
  • Paid vacation
  • Wellness, dental care, vision benefits
  • 401K
  • Advancement options
  • Flexible working arrangements

NOTE: All applicants must pass pre-employment screening, which includes: criminal background checks, MVR, and medicine assessment.

Executive Auto Group is the same Employment Opportunity Employer.

Other Pay: Flat Rate Technician plus extra for entry level

Employment Type: Full-time

Job Kind: Automotive, Installation / Repair / Fix

Education: Not Specified

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