How to store browser information without a lot of links

May 22, 2023
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Many car enthusiasts prefer to make purchases on the Internet: order spare parts, accessories, sign up for a car wash and tire fitting online, and so on. Of course, the flow of information on the Internet is large, and they want to save it. Information that is unstructured and chaotic will not be useful and will simply be lost in the end, so we ask ourselves "How to store all the links we need in one place more efficiently?"

Many of you have bookmarks and 최신링크 that you once added and never mentioned again. Or maybe there are those among your friends who like to send you "to save" links?

Such a mess in the open tabs in the browser can be annoying, but standard bookmarks do not provide an informative and structured way to save all bookmarks in the right way.

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How to save the right information and structure it

There are sites that help sort keywords depending on the intent by the commercial factor - an indicator that determines the level of predominance of the selling intent over the information in the search. They place search queries with a high level of commerciality on commercial pages, with a low level - in informational ones, with a mixed indicator they are looking for a balance. The information there is always updated, but the information you are interested in is saved, and it is convenient to find it.

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Clustering method

The method of clustering search queries is selected taking into account the amount of collected semantics and the number of pages on the site. Most often, a combined method is used, where several clustering options are used, which allows achieving the most accurate result. In practice, it is better to combine several clustering methods.

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