First Class Auto Syracuse, NY

December 26, 2022
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First-class Auto is a completely independent dealership that sell highline preowned vehicle. At any time we over 40 vehicles on our supplier good deal. we aslo focus on finding deluxe automobile. We've funding offered and a delightful professional staff to assit you for making a car buy.

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First Class automobile Is the best used car dealership in ny. There prices are amazing and they have the best utilized cars in Syracuse, NY. The people you will find really honest and respectful. I bought a Mercedes from them and I also have not had any difficulties with the automobile, they address you want family, Sam the proprietors is the Nicest guy you'll ever before fulfill, very nice and truthful, We loved coping with...

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Avoid this place.Seller isn't honest.We bought Toyota Venza with cargo rack.
When we got the car, cargo shelf was lacking. Dealer promised to send it to united states and he never ever did. I called many times as well as promised to manage situations nonetheless they never did .

Company information

Top class automobile is based at 1801 N Salina St in Syracuse and it has experienced business of General Automotive Repair stores since 2008.

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