High Class Auto Body

January 13, 2023
High Class Autobody - Body

When Aston Martin initially approached us because of their system, these were impressed by our powerful focus on good quality collision and body restoration work, in addition to our large customer care price. Both are absolute needs the Aston Martin body repair program.

Not only any person is entrusted to fix and work on these cars. To make sure your Aston Martin receives the best solution, skilled mechanics and genuine components are required. At 1st Class Auto, we employ highly-skilled automotive specialists, as well as the specialized gear to correct your Aston Martin.

Whenever you take it into united states, you'll enjoy the following advantages:

Particularly authorized and certified automotive specialists.
Factory authorized components.
Water-borne paint shade calibration to Aston Martin exacting standards.
Pickup and distribution service.
Customized customer support.

To learn more about our qualifications in taking care of the world’s most useful automobiles, like Aston Martin, contact us or visit our Pompano seashore car restoration facility. We’ll reply to your concerns with quick, friendly and expert service.

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Not Your Average High School Shop Class
Not Your Average High School Shop Class
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