How And Where Luxury Spare Parts Are Made

April 16, 2023
No. 1 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is

Brake, frenos electromagneticos and steeringluxury spare parts are produced at nine factories in six countries: one production complex each in Korea, India, Poland, the United States and Brazil, and four in China. Regardless of the country of manufacture, all products - and these are traditional brake mechanisms: vacuum boosters, calipers, discs and drums, ABS and ESP electronic units, steering racks with hydraulic and electric booster - meet the latest requirements and are of high quality.

A few words about the workshops

There are no workers in the luxury workshops - everything is robotized here, even the supply of blanks and quality control. The quality is all right. And each assembly line is served by one operator. OEM and aftermarket parts are produced on the same assembly line. Shock absorbers produced for spare parts differ from conveyor ones only in marking and lower price.

Image by Mike B from Pexels

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