Premium car Battery

January 13, 2023
NAPA Legend Premium AGM

Supplies the energy you'll need for higher level Start-Stop technology. Using Energizer® Premium AGM, you can be sure that you should have most of the energy you'll need. The initial construction of an AGM electric battery, which shops the acid in a glass pad and will therefore make dramatically better utilization of the cellular volumes, can certainly manage hefty usage surpassing 4, 500 watts. This pertains particularly to automobiles when you look at the top mid-range and luxury section, which tend to feature numerous electric convenience and security products.

The Energizer® Premium AGM batteries would be the perfect solution for vehicles featuring advanced Start-Stop technology with regenerative breaking and extra fuel-saving technologies.

By seeking the Premium AGM by Energizer®, you are opting for a state-of-the-art product that features received the trust of leading vehicle producers, which make use of it to provide their many demanding automobiles, including the newest ‘micro hybrid’ stop-start automobiles.

Good reasons to find the Energizer® Premium AGM:

  • Exceptional cyclic stability and endurance
  • Recharging that's twice as fast as traditional batteries
  • Shut, entirely maintenance-free system
  • Increased cold start performance
  • Tall vibration weight
  • Excess pressure valve for maximum protection
  • 100 % spill and leak-proof
  • The most wonderful battery for high-energy demanding programs like taxis, police cars and high-end luxury cars
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