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January 6, 2023
Autoshield Premium Paint

Eastwood's strength Colors are formulated to replicate your favorite factory paint colors through the 60's & 70's. They are premium single-stage urethane shows with exceptional depth and toughness. Our colors are manufactured from top quality raw materials and advanced composition technology. Better than enamel, alkyd and lacquer coatings. They provide unsurpassed toughness and weight to UV, chemical substances and abrasions. 3:1 ratio in a 96 Fl. Oz. can, include a quart of needed activator and you'll get one sprayable gallon. Colors shown listed here are approximate.

Eastwood features discovered an approach to succeed easier than ever to obtain the high quality paint you'll want to achieve expert outcomes. Our new line of Single-Stage Premium Acrylic Urethane Paints surpass the durability of conventional lacquer and enamel finishes, while matching or exceeding the performance of leading companies. Combined with our comprehensive Paint preparation Kits, show quality answers are very easy to attain.

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Eastwood's Candeez integrates brilliant candy colors with advanced level high-solids urethane 2k technology.This system is totally interchangeable and gives you complete control to customize and create special artwork. The Candeez may be used over the Eastwood Urethane completes, however for probably the most dramatic finishes, apply over Eastwood's Silver-Metallic basics (51549ZP & 51678ZP). To ensure optimum intercoat adhesion use Candeez along with Eastwood's 2K Urethane Primer, Paints and European Clear Coats. Candeez quarts blend 4:1 and needs to be activated with 21854Z 4:1 activator.

All Eastwood Premium shows require using the Urethane Activator.
Urethane Clear is preferred for Metallic Colors

These Eastwood shows tend to be formulated to meet up with nationwide Rule VOC regulations, consult your regional and state guidelines as some places could have stricter regulations than others

*** perhaps not on the market or use in their state of California ***

Helpful Technical Notes on Eastwood Paint Coverage

Typical rule of thumb on Coverage: A one-gallon setup is enough to-do an average-sized passenger automobile (with jambs).

On a full size vehicle, or task which includes under bonnet, trunk deck, etc., we recommend having two gallon setups on hand.

Pickups, vans, huge cars need at the least two-gallon setups.

Coverage can differ with respect to the color and also the prep.

Metallics just take even more coats to achieve full coverage. Pearls are next, accompanied by solids, though not all the solids cover or "hide" and other individuals.

Eastwood Paint Item Information Sheets

Eastwood Primers

Eastwood Primer Item Information Sheets

Eastwood Paint Prep Kits

Eastwood has brought the guess-work off refinishing by using these Painter's Prep Kits. Each spending plan inclined system was created to accommodate all painters from newbies to experts. Only buy your color selection of paint along side these money saving kits for a total painting answer.

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