Average car insurance premiums by state

October 24, 2015
Average Cost of Car Insurance

Car InsuranceCommuters reach the Holland Tunnel to drive into nyc from Jersey City, nj-new jersey, Nov. 7, 2012, inside aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. After Louisiana, New Jersey and ny have the greatest insurance premiums in the nation. Photo: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

They do say nothing's particular except death and fees, but car owners would include auto insurance compared to that number. Insurance premiums would be the second-most-costly part of vehicle ownership in the U.S., well in front of basic repair and maintenance. And in case you’re an urban-area motorist which uses public transport significantly more than your car, you'll be able to be investing more about premiums than on fuel.

But according to the latest information on auto insurance premiums, the common annual cost features really declined from previous levels, in accordance with data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners examined by Bankrate.com, a consumer economic services business. Annually, the NAIC takes data from insurers and states and compiles a five-year working average of yearly premium expenses. This year’s information is the common for all state premiums from 2007 to 2011, including coverage for obligation, extensive and collision.

Circulated Monday by Bankrate as an element of its annual tally associated with complete cost of automobile ownership by condition, the data reveals that premiums have actually declined in most states, albeit a lot of them by less than 1 percent, compared to the earlier five-year average from 2006 to 2010 (see chart below). Six states saw decreases in premiums of between 2 percent and 4 per cent, while Oklahoma had been the sole condition where in fact the average standard car insurance premium increased by over one percent.

This means that motorists with great files and modestly listed automobiles are most likely paying less these days than they certainly were recently. But insurance coverage premium changes are a complex system, and several associated with elements that go into changes in premiums tend to be geographic instead of personal, claims Chris Khan, Bankrate.com’s research and data editor.

“Changes in state rates [are] considering that is buying these policies, where they live, accident prices, theft rates, kind of claims, or changes in local laws. Many of these things get taken into account, ” Khan said by phone on Monday.

This means, for instance, if a hurricane strikes a region one year, it may raise motor insurance premiums inside ensuing many years. Additionally, states with reasonable populations generally speaking have actually lower auto insurance expenses due to the lower accident and theft rates — though needing to drive long distances entails having to pay more for fuel.

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