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May 14, 2023
Davis High School auto tech

Automotive training at Lincoln College of Technology and Lincoln Specialized Institute lets you study on ASE-Certified teachers with several years of expert knowledge. You’ll get personalized hands-on instruction that puts the equipment you need to be successful as an automotive specialist in both hands.

Lincoln isn't your ordinary automobile auto mechanic school - it's a spot in which your Automotive technical education takes form, and includes:

  • Operating underneath the bonnet in auto bays within our fully-equipped auto shops featuring computerized diagnostic equipment and niche resources.*
  • Assembling and dissecting motors, transmissions and transaxles from cars and trucks.
  • Discovering how to diagnose no-start/no-fuel problems and just how to use exhaust gasoline analysis gear and determine essential activities.
  • Fun, interactive mastering practices particularly web-based information retrieval systems, in which professors use a projector to inquire about questions, and pupils react by utilizing a “clicker” to chime in using their answers.

Preparation for an automobile Specialist Career

At Lincoln's automotive technology schools, you’ll get ready to move into large equipment with a career inside automotive business. You're going to be prepared to pursue entry level employment opportunities at as an automotive technician at automobile dealerships, independent automotive stores, solution facilities, fleet upkeep divisions plus! As brand-new creates and designs continue steadily to hit the market, therefore does the necessity for competent professionals to repair and keep maintaining these brand-new technologies, components and complex methods. Also to assist you in finding businesses that require people like everyone else, Lincoln’s profession Services division might help connect you to our industry associates!

Learn how to fix the automobiles you like to operate a vehicle – sign up for automotive technical education at Lincoln, and get on the path to a successful automotive career!

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turning rotors at auto tech class 6 of 8
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